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Dog Sledding - Mush!

Celebrate winter in the most Canadian of ways learning to mush a sled-dog team through the snowy wilderness of Wells Gray Park. Savour the solitude of winter. Feel the wind on your face. Bounce and glide snow-covered meadows, fuelled by dog power. Rub noses with the pack. Learn to speak sled-dog. Drive your own team. Marvel that this was how Canada’s earliest explorers navigated their way north.

Dog sledding Wells Gray style
An exhilerating ride through forests and meadows in Wells Gray Park
A Snowshoe Hare

Learn to Speak Sled-Dog

Your sled dog team are more than yipping, prancing pups – they are well-trained team of canine athletes –  who follow a unique set of commands that’ll send them dashing on the trail. Grab your parka - your team master will help you harness up and teach you the basic commands to drive your own sled, exploring untouched trails and frosty meadows.

The Ride of Your Life

A blanket of snow muffles all sound except the excited yelping of the pack, straining their harness, anxious to get underway. You’ll feel the rush just as much as they do as you set off on the ride of your life.

Whether you’re steering the team or snuggled in the warmth of your sled bag, you’ll be travelling in the tracks of our earliest explorers. Ride through silent forests draped in snow and over wide-open ranges beneath frozen mountain peaks – this is pure Wells Gray wilderness, straight out of a postcard, just like you imagined.

Winter Wildlife Watching

Our boundless wilderness and diverse ecosystem means there’s no shortage of wildlife, even in winter. A sled-dog expedition puts you within reach of trophy size moose, coyotes, wolves and deer roaming free between snow-covered forests and vast rangelands throughout the winter. Watch in silent wonder; fill up your camera’s memory card. Realize that this wilderness adventure is reserved for those who seek a truly Canadian experience.

When to Go

The outfitters at Wells Gray Guest Ranch  offers guided dog sledding excursions between December and March

Need to Know

To make your dog-sledding adventure just that more enjoyable we recommend you pack and wear:
  • Wool, fleece, silk, down and Gore-Tex fabrics
  • Long underwear, long johns or a second skin will keep you toasty
  • A light fleece over top of your long underwear
  • A down jacket or warm Gore-Tex, water/wind proof insulated jacket for your outer layer. Your jackets should have a high neck, reaching your chin for protection from the elements
  • Waterproof and/or wind proof insulated outer snow pants
  • Medium to thick wool socks are the best in our experience
  • Winter boots, preferably rated for -30C
  • Balaclava or scarf for your face
  • Warm toque to cover your head and ears
  • Warm, insulated mittens or gloves
  • Ski goggles or protective sun glasses
  • Sunscreen for your face and lip protection

Top 8 Reasons to Dog-Sled Wells Gray

  • To explore Wells Gray’s vast wilderness in winter
  • To learn something new, like the ancient practice of travelling by dog team
  • To beat the winter blues! Galloping dogs will bring a smile to your face
  • To see animals in the wild
  • To take a break from Nordic skiing and snowmobiling
  • For bragging rights! Not everyone has the strength to master mushing a team
  • To witness the strength and stamina of canine athletes performing at their best
  • For great photo-ops – the Park looks different from the seat of your sled!