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Meadows & Peaks

Raw and untamed, wild and natural, wildflower-carpeted or snow-covered, the greatest of the great outdoors – the meadows and peaks of Wells Gray Park are your staging ground for adventure.

Breathing space. Elbow Room. That’s what you’ll find in Wells Gray. Find plenty of places to slip into the wild, front and back country, hiking and camping. Discover lots of ways to live like a cowboy, making yourself home on the range on a ranch vacation.

Experience the innumerable ways you can seek solitude on the trail – mountain biking, dog-sledding, skiing, or horseback riding deep in the wilderness. Capture the best of Wells Gray – with photo ops of wildlife, wildflowers and waterfalls, you’ll fill up your memory card before you run out of subjects. Rest, relax and repeat.

Memories of a time gone by at Wells Gray Guest Ranch in Wells Gray Park

Home on the Range

Indulge your inner-cowboy with a stay at a western guest ranch. Spend your days in the saddle, and your nights swapping tales around a campfire. Learn our western ways and realize you’re as far away from your everyday as you can imagine!

Camping makes everything taste better

WG Camping

Pitch a tent by a river, park your RV in a lakeside campground or head deep into the backcountry. Build a roaring campfire. Roast a marshmallow on a stick and rediscover life before laptops – camping in our great outdoors.

One of the many wilderness hiking trails in Wells Gray Park


From a simple stroll along a river trail to multi-day treks high in the mountains, Wells Gray is a hiker’s haven! Rife with all sorts of wildlife, this region just begs to be explored on two feet with a backpack and camera in hand.

Enjoy the solitude of the forest while riding the trails in Wells Gray Park

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking in Wells Gray is no ordinary ride in the park! Go the distance and your rewards are pure Wells Gray: glacier-fed lakes, roaring waterfalls, blooming alpine meadows and brilliant mountain views!

Enjoy some of the best Nordic skiing on


Nordic, Alpine, or telemark ski your way through Wells Gray’s un-crowded, snow covered valleys where the only sound you’ll hear is the swish of your skis – just like you imagined.

Come in spring to enjoy the many hundreds of Black and Cinnamon Bears that call Wells Gray Park home


Discover a boundless wilderness where bears, deer, moose, wolves, beavers, and 250 species of birdlife call home. You can easily enjoy all of it throughout the seasons, without admission, feeding times or fences.

A guided hike through the Trophy Mountain flower meadow will be a bucket list experience


Find your comfort zone and explore with the pros. Prepare to be wowed on guided expeditions where local experts help you uncover the Park’s history, geology and natural wonders at your own pace.