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Long days with nothing but possibilities ahead – that’s the promise of summer and fall in Wells Gray and Clearwater. Bears wake up to pose for your camera. Wildflowers paint Trophy Mountain’s meadows. Helmcken Falls morphs from a frozen ice cone into a torrential waterfall, the fourth largest in Canada.

Trails, once hidden, reveal themselves, inviting you to step in. Canyons once flooded with spring run-off start running more slowly – creating world-class white water kayak and rafting conditions. Salmon return to the Raft River. Camping season begins. With warm summer breezes and 5,250 square kilometres (3,262 square miles) of wilderness to explore, May to October is a great time for you to turn long summer days into extended vacations, right here in Wells Gray.

Peaks & Valleys – Outdoor Adventure

Raft Peak in Wells Gray ParkThere’s no place on earth quite like Wells Gray Park with its volcanic fields, glacier fed lakes, wildflower-strewn meadows, jagged mountain peaks and storybook waterfalls. Rife with all sorts of wildlife, this region just begs to be explored, backpack and camera in hand.

From a simple stroll along a river trail to multi-day treks high in the mountains, Wells Gray is a hiker’s haven!  You can access many trails right from the Corridor and with a path for every level of hiker; half the adventure is deciding where to go! Trophy Mountains or the Ray Farm? Hut-to-Hut hiking or a serene stroll along the Clearwater River? The choices are as endless as the days are long.

Horse and Trail Riding

If you prefer to enjoy the rolling hills and surrounding beauty western style, then Wells Gray Country is just for you. There are several operators offering unique packages allowing you to view different parts of the Wells Gray Park or to taste a little bit of country .

We Put the “Wild” in Wildlife Watching

A bull moose feeding in the meadow before the snow arrivesOur boundless wilderness and diverse ecosystem means there’s no shortage of wildlife both in the Park and in nearby Clearwater. You can easily enjoy all of it, without admission, feeding times or fences.

We can’t predict where the wildlife will roam…they just naturally appear on the banks of the Clearwater and Murtle Rivers as you paddle past, in wildflower meadows as you climb mountain trails, floating in thermal updrafts over lakes and campsites. See what creatures you can find on your own, or embark on guided wilderness safaris to view bears, deer, wolves, beavers, and 250 species of birdlife.

The Clearwater river is a mecca for water junkies of all ages and abilitiesGet All Wet – Kayaking, Rafting, Cruising in Wells Gray

White-water raft through ancient volcanic canyons cut by raging rivers. Kayak to remote wilderness camps. Explore Murtle Lake the only way you can – by canoe. Cruise Clearwater and Azure Lakes. Angle for adventure, fishing wild BC salmon and trophy size rainbows. Stand in awe of Helmcken Falls, or any of the 38 others. Explore Wells Gray from the waterline and you’ll discover serene and extreme adventures in a land threaded by rivers and studded with lakes. 

Head out and hit the trails for some awesome classic biking

Mountain Biking Adventures

We like to think we’re on the cutting-edge of old-school mountain biking here, where tree roots and fallen rocks replace park rails and jams. The youngest riders perfect the skills at Clearwater’s Rotary Park before debuting their tricks on wilderness trails. Whichever you choose man-made jumps in town or wilderness riding in the Park, your rewards are pure Wells Gray.

Visitors and locals get together to enjoy a salmon feast at the first fish ceremony part of the SIMPCW first nations tradition

Celebrate Summer

Pull up a lawn chair and join in our summer celebrations, plan your getaway around one of our signature events. Star gazing, folk festivals, a celebration of the first fish and one big-time canoe regatta are just some of the ways we like to celebrate summer around here.

When to Go:

  • July and August offer the warmest temperatures
  • Early summer (May & June) are the best time to see wildlife at lower elevations
  • Cascading waterfalls are at their peak in May and June with reduced flow from July to October
  • July and August are peak for white water rafting and river floating
  • Wildflowers are at their brightest from mid-July to mid-August
  • Keep a watchful eye on the temperature – May and September can be unseasonably mild
  • Hardly crowded at any time of year, the Park is even less so in the shoulder months of May and early June and again in September and early October

Need to Know

  • You need a valid freshwater fishing license to fish in British Columbia.
  • Practice safe wildlife viewing, including respecting their need for space
  • Local outfitters make exploring Wells Gray easy and worry-free
  • The Park is best enjoyed when you are prepared: bring layered clothing, bug repellent and sun protection no matter your activities