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Gateway to Wells Gray

Clearwater, BC, Canada

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So much more than a wilderness outpost, discover why the town of Clearwater is your gateway to adventure, and your basecamp for comfort.

Explore Clearwater – our wilderness outpost and your gateway to Wells Gray Park. It’s a welcome rest stop on your journey and the first stop on your Wells Gray getaway. Fuel up. Gather provisions. Play in our backyard. Clearwater is so much more than a wilderness outpost. It’s your bustling small town community. Your gateway to adventure and invitation to slow-down and experience what small-town rural living is all about.

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Small Town, Big Heart

While small in population (2,500 pop.), the warm welcome you’ll receive from our friendly residents is huge. Clearwater is a lively centre for activity, commerce, and community. Stop for the services and shops, stay for the restaurants, numerous hotels, campgrounds, and B&Bs that offer unique and comfortable basecamps for all of your adventures and unwinding.

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More than meets the eye

Conveniently located on BC Highway 5 between Vancouver and the Canadian Rockies, Clearwater spreads outwards from the highway to distinct commercial and residential neighbourhoods offering what you might expect for a small town and much more. Enjoy top-rated dining and cafes, quirky local shops, and essentials like a hospital and health clinic. Stroll along the walking paths in town or go for a dip at the gem of a lake right in the centre of town, a popular spot for locals to unwind.

Dutch Lake in Fall
Dutch Lake at the heart of town

Not a traffic light in sight

Eye contact, small talk and smiles. The pace of life in this quaint mountain oasis is much slower than city life. Let the beautiful and wild setting sink in. Take your time to explore the area and chat with a local to learn our storied history. Whether you make Clearwater your destination or visit us as part of a greater journey, we welcome you.

Clearwater from Above