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Iceman Fishing Drevy


Birchleg Viking Cross-Country Ski Race


Lambing at the Aveley Ranch


Farmers Market

Thursday Music Nights


Dunn Folkin’ Around Music Festival

May Day Parade


National Indigenous Day


Canada Day Celebrations

Clearwater Kayak Festival


Candle Creek Half Marathon


Banff Mountain Film Festival

Disc Golf Tournament


Rotary Christmas Light-Up

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  • Top Reasons to Visit Wells Gray in the Spring
    The Spring season offers some unique opportunities for enjoying your Wells Gray and Clearwater adventures may entice you for an early season adventure.
  • Winter Waterfall Tour
    Winter transforms the beautiful and iconic waterfalls of Wells Gray Park into magnificent sculptures of snow and ice. The road into the Park and these falls is maintained all winter. Here’s your guide to seeing the frozen waterfalls of Wells Gray in the Winter.
  • How to Enjoy the Fall Colours in Wells Gray
    The cooler Fall temperatures brings about a dramatic transformation to Wells Gray Country. The forests change to seas of green with startling yellow and orange hues. With 1.3 million acres of pristine wilderness, there are many ways for you to revel in the colours of Fall in Wells Gray Park and Clearwater.
  • Top Canoe Trips in Wells Gray Park
    With 1.3 million acres of untouched wilderness, it’s no suprise that Wells Gray Park is home to two of the top five canoe trips in Canada. Whether you are looking for accessible backcountry lakes or for the epic adventure of a lifetime, we have the trip for you.
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