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On the Water


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Dive In

Stay closer to home and enjoy the warmer waters of Dutch Lake right in the heart of Clearwater. It’s a great place to sit and relax on the beach or dock while the kids take a swim in the pristine water alongside the local painted turtles. Swim to or paddle to the mysterious secret island at the heart of the lake. Dip your paddle in its crystal waters as you catch sight of eagles and the stunning fuchsia water lilies that adorn the lake in the summer months.

Swimming | swim dutch lk 1200

Lake Abound

There are many opportunities to dip a toe or go for a swim in a glacial lake within Wells Gray Park. Whether you choose to take a plunge after a hike in the alpine at Sheila Lake or enjoy the waters of Clearwater and Azure Lakes after a day of paddling; you’ll be guaranteed to enjoy stunning views with your swim.

Beach on Dutch Lake
Beach on Dutch Lake