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Top Canoe Trips in Wells Gray Park

Top Canoe Trips in Wells Gray Park | murtle canoes
Murtle Lake in Wells Gray Park

With 1.3 million acres of untouched wilderness, it’s no suprise that Wells Gray Park is home to two of the top five canoe trips in Canada. Whether you are looking for accessible backcountry lakes or for the epic adventure of a lifetime, we have the trip for you.

Clearwater and Azure Lake Chain

Each 25kms in length, Clearwater and Azure Lakes sit perpendicular to each other at the far reaches of Wells Gray Park. Drive to the end of the Park road and you will reach the Clearwater Lake boat launch. This deep lake chain is characterized by the dramatic fjords and high, snow-capped mountain peaks.

Paddlers can access 16 campsites, 3 backcountry trailheads, fish for rainbow trout, and admire some of the many spectacular waterfalls for which Wells Gray is famous. A 1km portage adjecent to a creek, connect Clearwater to Azure Lake. The stunning turquoise waters of Azure Lake provide an idyllic backdrop for camping and fishing and walking amoung some of the oldest cedar trees in the park. A surprising trapper cabin at the Rainbow Falls cabin eludes to the wild and rugged past of this lake.

Top Canoe Trips in Wells Gray Park | boating azure lk 4 1200
Clearwater Lake

Murtle Lake

The largest paddle-only lake in North America lives up to its hype with long stretches of yellow sandy beaches, picturesque rainforest setting and dramatic mountain views. It’s a journey canoeists long to return to, year after year.

Accessible from the town of Blue River, you can choose to bring your own canoe or rent one right at the lake. Murtle Lake is accessible after completing a 3km portage, after which you can choose to paddle the West or North arms.

Murtle canoe
Murtle Lake