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Wells Gray and Clearwater’s weather conditions are dependent on the season. As Wells Gray Country is located in a transition zone between the dry Okanagan region and the wetter and more variable conditions of the inland rainforest and higher Cariboo mountains, the weather pattern varies from the norm.

For up to date weather information, Environment Canada provides reliable weather forecasts and historic weather information.

Seasons that Transform

Summer begins in June, with temperatures averaging in the low 20°C / 70°F. During this period river levels are high as they absorb much of the snow melt from the surrounding mountains. May and early June are a great time for viewing bears who have come out of hibernation.

The weather warms up considerable in July and August with high-pressure systems resulting in long spells of hot, dry weather, perfect hiking and canoeing conditions. Temperatures average in the mid- to high-30C (high 80ºs to low 90ºs F). Humidity is generally low, but thundershowers can be frequent in the early evenings.

September usually sees a return to more moderate conditions, similar to those in June. This is a favourite time to visit: the water is its warmest, rainfall is least likely, and the area is much less busy. These conditions sometimes continue right through into October.

Winter weather depends on which of the two systems becomes dominant: the warm, moist south-westerly flows from the Coast, or the cold, dry arctic high pressure from the north. The snowpack ranges from 1m (2-3ft) in the lower valley, to 2m (6ft) or 4m (13ft) in the mountains.

Snow generally clears from the valley by April, although the ski-touring in the back country is still good right through May. The rivers begin to swell, reaching their peak in early June. Spring weather brings showers and variable skies, with temperatures ranging from around 12C to low 20ºC.

Dutch Lake in winter sunshine
Dutch Lake in winter sunshine