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Stunning Vistas

Viewpoint Wells Gray
View from the Shaden Viewpoint

Take it All In

To truly grasp the scale and grandeur of such a vast and untouched place, there are several ways to take in the stunning scenery of Wells Gray Park. One of the most popular spots is at the Green Mountain Viewing Tower where you can experience 360º views of the entire valley. The views are so expansive you can see and spot the numerous mountains and mountain ranges and even volcanoes. The view stretches so far, you can see into the neighboring region of the Cariboo.

You can also stop in at the Shaden viewpoint located just up the road from Spahats Falls. Here you’ll find some spectacular views of the Clearwater River valley, and find great spot to stop-in for a picnic.

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Green Mountain Tower

Witness some of Canada’s most impressive waterfalls, including the iconic 140 metre high Helmcken Falls. There is abundant wildlife throughout the park and a trip up the main park road is almost a guarantee to see something interesting. For soft adventure there are many short, easy walks from the main road that lead to impressive lookouts. Or for those looking for a little more adventure you can hit the hiking trails where you’ll find endless places to explore. See the park from the water and take a boat trip up the Clearwater and Azure Lakes for more sightseeing experiences.

Helmcken Falls lookout
Helmcken Falls Lookout