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Top Reasons to Visit Wells Gray in the Spring

Top Reasons to Visit Wells Gray in the Spring | dawson falls web
Dawson Falls is one of seven waterfalls on the Murtle River in Wells Gray Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada.

The Spring season offers some unique opportunities for enjoying your Wells Gray and Clearwater adventures may entice you for an early season adventure.

1. Waterfalls at their Peak Flows

The Spring freshet (melt) means that the Spring is the time when the waterfalls are at their fiercest and greatest flows. The roar of the rushing water is never louder than in the Spring. With 41 named waterfalls, enjoy a Spring hike to see the stunning waterfalls of Wells Gray at the most powerful.

2. Watch for Wildlife

Flowers and plants aren’t the only things to emerge in the Spring. This is when you are most likely to see the large resident population of black bears as they emerge from hibernation. The 219 species of birds flutter with excitement for the warmer weather. Deer and moose can be found nibbling on budding plants throughout the forest.

4. Go for a Paddle

Spring time in Wells Gray means being able to get out on the water while enjoying the magnificent views of the snow-capped mountain peaks. Spring time is a great season to get out on the water as you’ll feel you have our lakes to yourself! To venture deep into the backcountry Clearwater and Azure lake chains, try a full-day boat tour.

3. Catch some Waves

Summer isn’t the only time to try a whitewater rafting adventure. You can enjoy some epic rapids while catching views of powerful waterfall and wildlife.

5. Bring your Bike

The cooler Spring temperatures mean you can comfortable work up a sweat on our network of local mountain bike trails at the Candle Creek Trail system.