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There’s no place on earth quite like Wells Gray Park with our volcanic fields, glacier fed lakes, wildflower-strewn meadows, jagged mountain peaks, and storybook waterfalls.

Summer or winter, the number of ways you can spend exploring Wells Gray and Clearwater are only limited by your imagination and the time left in your vacation. Sample as much or as little as time will allow – all 5,250 square kilometres (3,262 square miles) of untamed, wilderness fun.

Choose your adventure – is it serene or extreme (or a bit of both)? Explore Murtle Lake, the only way you can…by canoe, with paddle in hand. Stroll to Helmcken Falls or the Ray Family Farm or try something a bit more adventuresome, like a guided hut-to-hut hiking adventure high above the tree line.

Rediscover life before laptops, cruise Clearwater Lake or conquer the Clearwater River on a guided white water rafting or kayak adventure. Tour volcanic fields and historic places with experts leading you along the way. Learn to mush a dog-team, to back country ski or how to fly fish. Encounter animals in the wild – without fences, feeding times or admission. The possibilities are endless as long as you have the time to come play.

Choose your favourite adventures then come out to play in the Canada you imagined!

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