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Welcome to Winter in Wells Gray Park
&  Clearwater, BC.

Winter in Wells Gray – In the Canada You Imagine

Imagine a place where the wild things are, free of crowds, with plenty of wide, open, spaces. The home of Helmcken Falls, Canada’s fourth highest waterfall, and its immense ice cone is just one of 39 named waterfalls you’ll find here. It’s where the Murtle and Clearwater Rivers  roar in summer and slow down in winter. It’s where wildlife sightings are as common as sunrise and sunset. Visualize yourself in this place where there’s plenty of room to breathe, and to dream, and room for you too.

We know winter. We should – we have six months of it! In a land created by cold and ice, we have plenty of ways to work up a sweat. Embrace the chill – riding backcountry trails  on a snow machine ..

Carve fresh tracks  over new fallen snow. Ski tour the backcountry from hut to hut, to hut. Cozy up by a fire. 

Watch moose migrate through distant meadows. Come for a Bonspiel or hockey tournament , stay and savour the solitude of Wells Gray in the off-season. Experience winter in its purest form.