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Welcome to Wells Gray- The Canada You Imagined

Experience Wells Gray Provincial Park and Clearwater, BCThe Gateway to Wells Gray

Imagine a place where the wild things are. Free of crowds, with plenty of mountains, forests, rivers and lakes to explore. Helmcken Falls, Canada’s fourth highest waterfall, is just one of 39 named waterfalls you’ll find here.

It’s where the Murtle and Clearwater Rivers roar into life each spring and wildlife sightings are as common as sunrise and sunset. Visualize yourself in this place where there’s plenty of room to breathe, to dream and to find adventure. With 5,250 sq km of wilderness to explore, Wells Gray welcomes you in every season!

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Five Reasons you must visit Wells Gray this Fall
Aug 22, 2016
Find out why Fall might become your favourite season to experience Wells Gray!
Celebrate BC Day at our InstaMeet on August 1st
Jul 19, 2016
Celebrate BC Day in a big way this year and join us for a fun and social Instameet! Meet local photographers and wilderness fans as we check out the most photogenic spots in #WellsGray!
2016 Summer Festivals and Events
Jul 7, 2016
Wells Gray not only boasts incredible wilderness, but also hosts a wide variety of outdoor, cultural, and arts events through the summer. Take your holiday up a notch and enjoy these local events and Festivals in the Canada you Imagined!
Wells Gray for Families
Feb 1, 2016
Explore Clearwater and Wells Gray with the whole family. Bring your pop tent and a sleeping bag for everyone; create family connections over a blazing campfire. Sleep in the great outdoors. Uncover 20 different waterfalls on forested hikes.
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