Welcome to  Spring in Wells Gray Provincial Park
In the Canada You Imagined.

Imagine a place where the wild things are, free of crowds, with plenty of wide, open, spaces. The home of Helmcken Falls , Canada’s fourth highest waterfall, just one of 39 named waterfalls you’ll find here.

Trophy Mountain Flower Meadow in Wells Gray Park
It’s where the Murtle and Clearwater Rivers  roar into life each spring and wildlife sightings  are as common as sunrise and sunset.
Visualize yourself in this place where there’s plenty of room to breathe, and to dream, and room for you too.

Wells Gray  comes alive in the spring when snow melt from higher elevations  makes our rivers and lakes swell with run-off…just perfect for white water rafting and Kayaking.

Bears wake up from their winter  slumber to make capturing their photos as easy as driving the Wells Gray Corridor .

Hiking,  and mountain bike trails emerge from their blanket of snow and if you like playing in the mud, this is the season for you. Seasonal operators shuttered in winter, open again, welcoming returning visitors. The Park  begins to get busier in spring when visitors who can’t resist the wonders of Wells Gray return to experience the Canada they imagine.