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Ski, Snow & Ice



A Truly Canadian Experience

An ancient method of winter travel, snowshoeing offers a different winter experience to Nordic skiing. Explore the winter wilds of Wells Gray as you snowshoe through the trails and hilly terrain of the Park. Experience mountain views to dramatic waterfalls, woodland trails, and historic homesteads. Requiring no other experience than simple hiking, snowshoeing is a perfect activity for a family afternoon in the snow.

There are many trails to explore with your snowshoes in the park. If you’re looking for something close to town head to the Wells Gray Outdoor Club’s Candle Creek Trail System. In addition to cross-country skiing trails, they also designate a network of snowshoeing trails in the winter. For snowshoeing up in the park, some of the best places to explore are Pyramid Mountain and campground trail, Green Mountain, Flat Iron Trail and the Murtle River Warming hut to Pyramid Bay.

For those without a fear of heights be sure to strap on your snowshoes and explore the Helmcken Falls South Rim Trail. This 8km, 3-hour round trip journey follows the Murtle River provides you with one of the most spectacular views in the park. Use extreme caution on the canyon portion of the trail because there are no barriers to keep hikers from falling. This trail is not recommended for children or anyone with a fear of heights.

Snowshoe group on trail
Powder all around