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Winter Waterfalls

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Helmcken Falls in its Winter Majesty

Winter Wonderland

Winter transforms the beautiful and iconic waterfalls of Wells Gray Park into magnificent sculptures of snow and ice. The road into the park, up to Helmcken Falls at 46kms, is maintained all winter long so you can get front row seats to this natural winter wonderland.

The iconic crown jewel of the park, Helmcken Falls, looks spectacular in all seasons and is the fourth tallest waterfall in Canada. Watch the impressive ice cone form at the base of the falls and grow throughout the winter season as massive icicles form on the canyon wall behind. With not a crowd in sight, enjoy listening to the thunderous roar of Helmcken Falls as you marvel at its beauty from the viewing platform.

On your way back from visiting Helmcken Falls you’ll cross the one-lane bridge and see Mushbowl Falls. An impressive water feature near the bridge made more scenic with its long river and forest views. In the wintertime the Mushbowl transforms with a blanket of snowcaps sitting atop the rock features you’ll see the river change to an icy green as it rushes over the falls.

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Another waterfall in the park transformed by the winter ice and snow is Dawson Falls. Terraced across the entire width of the Murtle River you can experience the rush and power of the water cascading over the 200,000-year-old lava beds. Flanked by ice and snow it’s an impressive sight to behold.

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With easy access only 11km up the park road, Spahats Falls is definitely a must-see in the wintertime. With the crisp winter air creating a column of ice around the falls it creates a stunning sight to behold as icicles and snow sit on the canyon wall behind. During heavy snowfall you may need snowshoes to access the trail from the parking lot to the viewing platform.

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Moul Falls

For a winter snowshoe adventure, consider adding Moul Falls to your bucket list. This 3km round trip takes you through the quiet forest to the base of Moul Falls where you get stunning views of the icy veil adjacent to the lava rock cave. It’s recommended that you bring your snowshoes to hike into the falls if there has been any substantial snowfall.

In the winter it is important be be prepared and self-sufficient. Plan ahead, and stay up-to-date with road and weather conditions.

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Murtle River From Above